Multiroom Audio & VIdeo


Multiroom Audio & Video

Also known as Music & Video Distribution System, Exzel Smart Home has been a pioneer of Multi-room Audio and Video system in Thailand since 2005.

What is Multiroom Audio system? Say. Classic in the garden for mom while planting her roses, Jazz in the kitchen room for dad while preparing his secret recipe. It is more than just great sound, Exzel Smart Home make it a life style.

Exzel Smart Home can help you design a system that allow you to listen to your music wherever and whenever. Our whole house music distribution system helps you to achieve these features and benefits;

LESS IS MORE: Eliminate obtrusive speakers, and dangling cords

Sometimes, it is better that all the dangling cords and many pieces of AV gears have it place – somewhere else that is not distracting your TV watching experience. If you are a “LESS IS MORE” believer, Exzel Smart Home can help you with our Multiroom Audio & Video system. Our AV experts are here to help.

How? We could place all your AV gears: being your cable TV set top boxes, Blu-Ray Players, Video-On-Demand Player systems in its place and only send one signal cable to the back of your TV. This will leave your TV location cleanest. It is only your TV that deserves its place there.

Only your TV is to be shown and nothing else

SONOS - Russsound - NUVO Music Systems

We have installed these multiroom audio systems in Thailand for over 13+ years and are Thailand's most experienced multiroom music system expert. We sell and distribute SONOS, NUVO, and RUSSOUND throughout Thailand, Lao, Myanmar, and Cambodia.

With our decade of experience in these multi-room audio systems in major cities such as Bangkok, Pattaya, Samui, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Huahin, Cha-am, and Laung Prabang, Laos, you can rest assured the most perfect system to your requirements. Contact us today for a free consultation to choose the best system for your installation situation.

| SONOS Products: SONOS Play:1, SONOS One, SONOS Play:3, SONOS Play:5, SONOS Playbar, SONOS Playbase, SONOS Sub, SONOS Connect, SONOS Connect: Amp

| Russound Products: XZone4 4 Stream, XSource, XZone70V, MCA-88X Amp, RSF-610 Russound In-Ceiling Speakers

| NUVO Products: NUVO P100, NUVO P200, NUVO P300, NUVO P3100, NUVO P3500, NUVO In-Ceiling Speakers

All music on earth: Apple Airplay, Spotify, Tune-in, DLNA

Perfect system for restaurants and bars

Exzel Smart Home introduce The Russound XZone70V, a perfect system for restaurant and bar installation. The Russound enable popular streaming content from the cloud, home network, Airplay, and DLNA. The rear panel even includes a USB port for playing content from a USB hard drive.

"I tested the amp at a smal restaurant and bar. The owner was pratically giddy when I described what the system could do." Fred Harding - CEPro

Architectural Speakers

Exzel Smart Home has a full line of Architectural Speakers for your next projects. With today technology, these In-Wall, and in-Ceiling speakers can provide fantastic sound while being virtually invisible in your room.

Exzel Smart Home bring to you these top 5 U.S. brands Architectural Speakers into Thailand market.


Meet the Ghost™ Series by Truaudio

Enjoy immersive sound with Truaudio signature line of in-ceiling Ghost Series premium architectural speakers. This series features a patented design with an all white speaker, providing a sophisticated look in a glass fiber or polypropylene woofer. TruAudio specializes in cutting-edge speaker technology and innovation. This series allows you to hear every detail of the music. The Ghost line delivers an unforgettable listening experience anywhere in your home, and the ultra-slim profile vanishes to blend seamlessly into your environment. Moisture resistant that allows you to install in your kitchen, bathroom and under outdoor eaves. The finishing touch of our magnetic Ghost-style frameless grill features a mere 2mm reveal, . Optional square grills are available. Ghost Series, Heard but not seen™ available both in-Ceiling Speakers and in-Wall speakers.

Truaudio Ghost™ Frameless Speaker Grills

Russsound & NUVO Speakers

Ones of top 5 U.S. brands when it comes to Architectural Speakers we sell and distribute in Thailand, Lao, Cambodia, Myanmar market are;

| Russound Speaker Products: In-Ceiling Speakers RSF-610, RSF-610T, Outdoor Speakers 5B55, Outdoor Speakers 5B65

| NUVO Speaker Products: In-Ceiling Speakers NUVO Accentplus 1, Accentplus 2, NUVO Series Six, NUVO Series Four, NUVO Series Two, In-Wall Speakers NUVO

Russound & NUVO In-Wall, IN-Ceiling and Outdoor Speakers.