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Exzel Hotel Solutions

The heart of hotel business starts when your guest check in. Hotel guest should only experience the very highest levels of comfort, service, and convenience. To make this a reality, Exzel has a range of automation solutions designed specifically for hotel properties. We believe that automated hotel technology should work behind the scenes, so that guests and staff are provided with solutions that simply work.

Create an Impression As your guest entering Your hotel

Some Studies say, Hotels have only first eight seconds of a guest entering a hotel to create long lasting positive or negative perception about your hotel property. Exzel supply solutions that will enhance the positive aspects of public areas. Our design-to-build lighting solutions (link here), will impress your guest, whether it is a Lobby, Swimming pool, Restaurant, Hallway or Stairway.

Together with Exzel's shade control System and Exzel's Lighting control system, it can create individual lighting scene setting; each is only perfect for different time of the day. The control system can auto set these lighting scene setting and/or shade positions according to time or manually override by hotel staffs.

Hotel Solutions: Architectural Lights, Lighting & Shade Control

Lower Energy consumptions BY Automated lights, shades and aircons

Our automated lighting, shade, and aircon control systems will also see your hotel energy consumption significantly lowered. Our extensive range of on demand lighting solutions, lighting fixtures can be turned off or just dimmed when a halway is unoccupied, and return to their normal operation state when approached by guests or staffs.

Facilities: Whether it is a swimming pool, a gym, a spa & sauna, Exzel can customize a solution to automate everything from lights to shades to aircons to increase energy efficiency and your guest comfort.

Hotel Bar, restaurant, facade, swimming pool Lights, shades system

Hotel Guest Room Control System

Also Known as Room Control Unit System - RCU, Exzel's Guest Room Control System can help hotel operators save through improved in-room energy saving management, and can create a truly luxurious guest room experience. Some features include;

| As guests enter the room, a 'Welcome' scene is activated: turn on lights, open (or close) curtains and blinds, turn on aircon to specific temperture setting.

| A Bedside control panel allows guest to turn off all lights, open or close curtains, Do-Not-Disturb request, Clean-My-Room request, and resume any customized scene settings such as 'reading', 'relax', or 'formal' secne settings. All of these right from a bedside control panel.

| Stylish and elegant Hotel Key Card Energy Saving Switch: Cut the power 2 minutes after key card is taken off

| Sensors activated energy management system: Turn off aircon automatically when a balcony door is opened.

Exzel Hotel Guest Room Control System

Product line includes;

| Guestroom Intelligent door bells: The doorbells can include realtime 'Do-not-disturb', 'Clean-my-room', 'Pick-up-Laundry', notification.

| Elegant and stylish Hotel Key card holder Saving Switches: Available in brushed stainless or crystal tempered glass key card holder saving switches

| Elegant and stylish scene switches: Available in brushed stainless or crystal tempered glass finish

| Hotel room multi function control panel: Guest can control lights, curtains, aircon, Clearn-my-room request, Do-not-disturb request for this stylish panel

| Guest room bedside control panel

| Hotel Guest Room Management Software: Front desk and cleaning staff can monitor occupancy, clean-my-room, pick-up-laundry status or even set in room temperature into a comfortable setting while checking-in your guest.

| Villa and Luxury hotel bedside touch screen: Guest can control all functionalities being lights, aircon, TV channel, and curtains form an elegant yet user friendly touch screen interface.

Exzel Hotel Guest Room Control - RCU Solutions