Video Conference - Meeting & Board Room AV

VIDEO CONFERENCE Meeting & Board Room AV

Video Conference Meeting & Boardroom AV

Exzel Smart Home has setup many Video Conference, Board Room, and Meeting Room AV systems for many offices and HQs throughout Thailand, including some of Fortune 500 listed companies' Thailand offices such as Microsoft Thailand office, HP Thailand HQ, and LINE Corporation Thailand HQ. Many times, many factors can contribute to bad experience in multisite video conference across coutries (or even across continents). Don't let the quality of the video conference products be one of these facotrs. Contact us today.

Video Conference System From Polycom

Also known as Video Presence System, Polycom is world #1 in Conference System. Products both Video Conference and Audio Conference include;

| Polycom RealPresence Trio 8800 with or without Visual+.

| Polycom RealPresence Debut

| Polycom Group 310, 500 or 700

| Polycom CX5500, CX5100

| Polycom SoundStation IP 7000, IP 6000, IP 5000

| Polycom HDX 8000, HDX 7000, HDX 6000

| Polycom SoundStructure SR Series or C Series

Polycom VIdeo Conference, Audio Conference SYSTEM

Aver Video Conference System

Winner of TAIWAN EXCELLENCE 2018 Awards, Aver Video Conference product line includes;

| Aver Multipoint Systems: Orbit Series SVC500, EVC950, EVC350, EVC900, EVC300 .

| Aver Point to Point Systems: Orbit Series SVC100, EVC150, EVC130, EVC130P, EVC100

Aver VIdeo COnference SYSTEM

Meeting Room & Boardroom AV System

Creating a meeting space where all stakeholders; your vendors, your client, or your colleagues can sit together and discuss still requires sophisticated AV systems. Sometimes, meetings must be improvised and instant, so there is no time for fooling around with AV gear and settings that won't work. Understand these challenges, Exzel has successfully implemented many meeting room AV systems that are simple to use, and easy to maintain by your company IT staffs. Contact us today.

Meeting Room & Boardroom Design to Install Services

Exzel can help design to install your next Meeting & Boardroom AV projects. Some of best used features are;

| Instant-Present USB Device for Laptops: USB device for presenting instantly and wirelessly with any laptop.

| AV Signal inlets: All the HDMI, VGA computer, and stereo plug connection from all participant laptops back to display and audio devices.

| Display devices; being LED TVs or Projectors and Screens

| Ceiling or On-wall speakers: Audio solution installed with precision to deliver optimal, reliable, and engaging audio experiences.

| Video Conference Systems: Polycom systems or Aver system per above.

| Room Control Panel: Turn off lights, Lower Blinds, Adjust aircon temperature, Power up Projector and lower screen from a customizable user-friendly touch panel interface.

| Wireless Collaboration & Presentation - Share and collaborate contents in iOS mobile, MacBook, Android, and Chromebook devices into a big screen: Best Seller Products are Barco Clickshare CS-100, CSE-200, CSE-800.

Meeting Room, Boardroom AV & Video Conference Installations