Smart HOme & Office Control

Smart Home & Office Control


Exzel Smart Home is Thailand leading provider of home automation products from Control4, KNX JUNG, KNX HDL, Somfy, Leviton Home Automation, etc. These award-winning products can help homeowner to manage your home in a smart, discrete and integrated way. You can play your music, enjoy your Marvel Home Theater movie night, set cozy lighting scene, set your room temperature, open your front door, control your sprinklers, zoom and pan your front door camera, set and monitor your fire alarm and security alarm system. All of this can be done by one single user interface; being your touch screen panel, iPhone, iPad, smartphone, universal remote control, or even your Voice Command.

KNX: The one and only international Smart Home Control Standard

KNX is the only international building control standard for all applications in home being lighting control system, motorized curtains and shade control system, air con control system and more. With inter-compatibility guaranteed among different KNX products across 300 different manufacturers around the globe, you can rest assured your smart home investment is futureproof.

Exzel Smart Home is a proud KNX Certified Installer in Thailand and U.S. market.

Below are our solutions under KNX standard;

| Lighting Control, Switches and Control Panels: JUNG, HDL

| Motorized Blind and Curtain Systems: Somfy

| Aircon Control Systems: Any split type aircon, and major VRV and VRF aircon systems such as Mitsubishi, Mitsubishi Heavy, Daikin, Hitachi, Sanyo and Toshiba.

Beautiful aluminum finished switches / tempered glass touch panels

Smart Lighting Control

How smart? These are simple setups for our installations;

| Turn lights on automatically when you walk in the bathroom and turning it off automatically when no occupancy.

| Turn off all lights and leave only those on the walk way at bedtime with a single button from your bedside touch panel.

| Setting lighting scene in your living room according to what you are doing, 'reading', 'relaxing', 'partying', or 'movie' scene with one simple touch.

| Turning on and off light and shade throughout the day to make the home look like it is occupied while you are on vacation.

Exzel Smart Home can help you design and integrate lighting control solution into your smart home system.

Whole Home & Office Control of Aircons, Blinds, Curtains, Alarm and Music

How about control all of these features; being Lights, Aircons, Blinds, Curtains, Security & Fire Alarm, and Music system by one simple same interface. You can control it from elegant switches, tempered glass panels, your smartphone, or iPad even while you are outside of the house.

Some of these setups are proven to be very useful to most of our client.

| Create a 'House Off' button. Just push 1 button (or touch if it is your smartphone) to turn off all lights, lower all blinds, turn off all aircon, and activate your alarm system before you leave.

| Create a 'Welcome' Scene. As soon as you disarm your alarm system, turn on all public area aircons, set your living room lights to 'relax' light intensity, and play your Jazz playlist in living and dinning area.

Control your home & Office from smartphone or iPad

How many light switches and aircon control panels is too many? Take a look at following scary light switches and aircon controls in one side of the wall. What switch is for what lights?

When it comes to touchscreen sleek, and user friendly interface to control your whole home & office, Exzel Smart Home has more years in experiences than anybody in Thailand.

Sleek Touch Screen / iPad Control DESIGN

Voice Control or Voice Assistant System

Ever asked Apple Siri for tomorrow weather forecast in Chiang Mai? Welcome to the new era of Voice Control or Voice Assistant System. Only recently, Voice Assistant system is able to control your house.

Exzel Smart Home is one of the first companies in Thailand smart home industy who successfully implement Voice Control or Voice Assistant System in real world projects.

Whether it is Amazon Alexa or Apple Siri or Google Home, rest assured we have experience implmented all these Voice Assistant Systems into Thailand market.

Some of these commands are understood by these Voice Controllable Smart Home Systems.

| "Alexa, Dim dinning lights to 40%."

| "Alexa, Turn off House.""

| "OK Google, Play my Jazz in kitchen.""

| "OK Google, Set the aircon in living room to 24 celcius."

Check out our Voice Asisstant System Demo here.

Amazon Alexa & Google Home Voice Assistant System