Hotel lock & Smart Door Lock

Smart Lock & Hotel Door lock

Smart Lock & Hotel Card Door Lock

Exzel Smart Home offers a complete range of hotel door locks with a wide range of stylish designs, and finishes to choose from. Our Hotel Card Door Lock system is widely used more than 1 million rooms in many hotel chains throughout Thailand and around the globe.

For private house, villa or office, we offer the world first kelyess smart door lock system from August. Scroll further down for more information.

RF (Radio Frequency) Card Door Lock System for Hotel

Also simply refered to as just 'Card Lock' for Hotel, our Hotel Card Door Lock features;

| Hotel guest access to their room via an RFID card. Just wave the card near the door lock to gain access to the room.

| Can be unlocked by emergency mechanical key in case of emergency

| Hotel management can limit the time their guest can access their room until their check out time.

| High quality lock hardware: Lock is made of strong steel. High security lockset with a hardened steel deadbolt, an anti-pick latch, and a 3-point anti friction latch.

| Passed many quality tests by government bodies and received several international certificates

| Best for maintenance. It works completely on wireless environtment. The Hotel Card Door Locks are powered by AA/AAA batteries.

| Low voltage warning: When a warning signal indicates low battery, the lock is still able to operate for about 100 times.

Above Industry Standard Quality Mortise and Electronic Parts

Mortise and Electronic parts are the most important factors that affect the stability of any digital door lock. Exzel Smart Home only selects above industry standard intelligent door locks to offer to you. Key features include;

| Standard five-latch structure lock case is composed of a strong steel deadbolt, an anti-pick latch, and a 3-point anti-friction latch. Our five latches mortise is the only ANSI mortise passed the Fire-Proof Detection Test by Chinese government at current time.

| Mortise adopts flexible and efficient gear configuration, resulting in smooth and reliable operation

| Deadbolt latch with strengthened structure: Effectively prevent the latch from bending or cracking if the door is closed abruptly by wind or strong force. Great to use in a heavy door such as solid wood doors or steel doors

| Lock pin is made from special material. Its rigidity and strength is ten times harder than other usual mortise made from brass or ordinary steel. This can protect bending of the lock if pressed the handle with excessive force.

| Adpot energy-saving technology, and use infrared sensor to tell the lock to prompt for the card. It can also read the RF card whether in bright or dark area.

| Our stainless finished models are all weather resistant, thus good for seaside hotels.

seaside hotel card door lock Brushed Stainless & Brass Finishes

Introduce the World fist keyless smart door lock from August

Your Smart Home starts at the front door. With August smart lock, you can

| Give Access, not Keys: Give keyless entry to family, friends, housekeepers and others without worrying about lost or copied keys. Control and monitor your door from anywhere.

| Be sure it's locked: Only August comes with DoorSense™ and Auto-Lock technologies, so that you’ll know your door is both closed and locked.

| August Door Lock work with Voice Assistant Amazon Alexa. You can ask, "Alexa, lock my front door."

August's Approach to Smart Lock

| Control Access: Lock, unlock and monitor your door from anywhere.

| Locks As You Leave: Locks automatically as you leave. Never worry if your door is locked again.

| Unlocks As You Arrive: Auto-Unlock detects your arrival and unlocks the door automatically.

| Easy to install: August works with most single-cylinder deadbolts but not mortise, rim cylinder or interconnected locks. Checkout our compatibility guide from a following picture or simply purchase a compatible traditional Deadbolt from us.

| Work with August Doorbell Camera: See and talk to your visitor before unlocking the door, all of this right from your smartphone.

| Work with Voice Command Systems, Amazon Alexa, Google Home Voice Assistant, Apple HomeKit Siri, so you can ask, "Alexa, Lock my frontdoor."

August Smart Door Lock works with August Doorbell Cam Intercom