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Lighting Solutions: From Design to install

Lighting Control & Architectural Lighting: From Design to install

"It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light." - Aristotle

Light is the beginning of everything. At Exzel, we believe every stories are light. Some Studies say, Hotels have only first eight seconds of a guest entering a hotel to create long lasting positive or negative perception about your hotel property. For restaurant and bar owners, you probably have a little more time (some studies suggest only twelve seconds) but the first impression to your guest still depend on how your restaurants look, smell and feel. For over a decade, Exzel has helped hotel operators, restaurant and bar owners to create lighting theme that make long lasting positive perception about their properties. For residential projects such as villas, private estates, home offices or condominiums, Exzel can work with owner or your architect to create a theme that will harmonize with the rest of the preperty design theme.

With more than 13+ Years of experience designed and installed numerous lighting systems for over 12 countries, including U.S., China, Hong Kong, Maldives, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand, Our Lighting Solutions to you can be one or both of the two scopes below;

| Architectural Lighting System - Lighting conceptual design to your imagination, inspiration and in harmony with the common theme of your property: We can enter into your project anywhere from Design to supply to install. For more detail, scroll down below.

| Lighting Control System - Timer, schedule, light intensity, scene & mood setting, elegant & stylish control panel, beautiful and user friendly design touch screen control: We can enter into your project anywhere from Design to supply to install. For more detail, scroll further down.

Architectual Lighting System - Design to install

Starting from a meeting with owner and/or owner's design team to understand all requirements (budget, functionalities, imagination, dreams), we then can start sketching up a conceptual design for lighting system. From this, the process goes on to Prelim Proposal phase, Design Development phase, Main site construction phase, and Installation phase. Our architectural lighting systems have been implemented in these situations;

| Lighting theme for hotel lobby

| Lighting system designed for hotel swimming pool & public facilities such as drop-off, walkway and stairway

| Lighting system designed for building facade and landscape

| Lighting system designed for restaurants & bars

| Lighting system designed for residential projects such as villas, home offices, private estates, townhomes or condominums

Architectural Lighting System - DESIGN to INstall Projects by EXZEl

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Lighting Control System - Design to INSTALL

Some challenges in many installations like,

"How can we have some light switches or control panels that can turn on all 200 light bulbs all at once to just about right light intensity?"

"We want a system that is easy to use based on timer so our hotel staffs don't have to do anything and the system will just set appropriate lighting intensity to create scene throughout the day"

"I just want one switch that says MASTER OFF, and it will turn off all lights before I leave home."

Exzel has the solutions for these challenges. Our lighting control systems can be anything of wired KNX standard (KNX is the only international home and building control standard), to wireless solutions for projects with existing lighting system.

With our lighting switch and control panel product line, Exzel offer many beautiful finish switches and control panels. They can be brushed Aluminum switches & control panels, hairline stainless steel switches & control panels, classic or antique brass switces & control panels, tempered glass switches & control panels, and more.

Last but not least, with our smart home control solutions (Link here), we offer beautiful and user friendly interface touch screen solutions to be used on bedside table or nicely installed in wall.

Lighting control switches, control panels, user friendly touch screen