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Exzel Smart Home is a one-stop smart home, smart villa, smart hotel, smart office solution provider. We provide products, and services from design, installation, integration, program, to support and after sales maintenance regardless of its size; being a single home & condominium, whole home & condominium community, restaurant, hotel & resort, villa, hospital, house of worship and church, conferencing facility, boardroom meeting and much more.

Founded in 2005 by an industry expert who had installed numerous systems in many residential projects in the United States of America, Exzel Smart Home has expanded its product and service offers to local Thailand market with the same high quality and standard you would acquire from an experienced installer in the U.S.

Our Smart Home & Home Automation solutions feature: Smart light & light control system, completed surround sound system solutions for simple multi purpose living rooms to dedicated smart home cinema, smart automation CCTV Surveillance and smart fire alarm system, smart home automation app control from iPad or iphone even you are outside of Thailand, and much more. The possibilities is endles.


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Our team will take over from an idea and concept development to installation and after sales maintenance. Together with you, we will create the plans and systems that suit your budget, life style and your (business) requirements. Exzel Smart Home operates from our main office in Bangkok and serve major cities in Thailand ( Bangkok, Pattaya, Hua Hin, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Samui, etc.), Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia through our strong network of local contractors.

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featured Reference Projects

  • NEOCLASSIC PRIVATE ESTATE - Featured Technology

  • Lighting system: Smart Light | Lighting Control

  • Home Cienema

  • Smart Home Control

  • Security & FIre Alarm

  • Project Challenges: Located in downtown Bangkok, Thailand, the estate is a 3 story plus 1B floor plus 1 attic with total space of 3,500 sqm. The question from owner is how do I turn on or turn off light on any of the 310 lighting circuit in the estate. What is the best way to monitor and alarm me and my family in case of fire alarm event so that we would know right away where exactly the fire comes from.

    Solutions: As there are more than 310 light circuits in the estate. It is impossible for any wireless home automation solutions in the market such as Control4, zigbee, z-wave or Fibaro that can handle this kind of payload and bandwidth. Therefore naturally, Exzel Smart Home design and implement wired KNX system (also known as EIB in Europe) to handle the complexity of this project. HDL and JUNG KNX system can integrate seamlessly with DSC Wireless Fire Alarm System, the only known UL Listed wireless fire alarm solution. In case of any fire alarm event, the smoke detector that detects fire event will send signal back to wall mounted iPad which will show exactly which smoke detector caused the alarm event as well as alarm the whole estate. In Home theater area, Exzel Smart Home integrates these fire alarm and smart light systems to create ambient, convenient light scene, and seamlessly allow light control from smart phone. For Home Cinema, it is equipped with 7.2 speaker system (way better and more immersive than 5.1 system.

Private Estate Home Automation

Completed Smart Home Automation for Private estate

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  • MANDALAY BEACH VILLAS - Featured Technology

  • Lighting system: Smart Light | lighting Control

  • Surround Sound System

  • Smart Villa & Smart Hotel Automation

  • Security & Fire Alarm

  • CCTV, Floodlight CAM & Intercom

  • Project Challenges: Mandalay beach villas are a collection of beachfront luxury pool villas situated in Samui, Thailand. It is an islands half way between Hua Hin and Phuket. The developer explicitly requires a smart hotel automation system that is impressive and cutting edge technolgy, yet simple to use and maintain for hotel visitor.

    Solutions: Initially, wireless Smart Villa Automation system from Control4 was proposed. As this is a new villa construction, not a renovation project, ones could argue that there is a golden opportunity when you could do proper structure wiring for all electrical systems before all the walls are plastered and all the ceiling are closed. Exzel Smart Home therefore design and implement wired Smart Hotel Automation by using KNX system to ensure 100% system integrity; something you can never acheive from wireless smart Villa automation solutions. Theare are 36 light circuits, 6 elegant design light switches, 4 lighting control panel for each villa. In multi purpose living room, a 5.1 in-ceiling speaker system from Truaudio award winning 'Home Theater from above' speaker line. IP Cameras throughout each villa with video intercom at front door to allow monitoring, seeing and talking to visitor right from a smart phone or wall mounted ipad from iPort.

Beach Villas Smart Home Automation

Awards Winning Smart Hotel AutomationMandalay Beach Villas

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  • LINE CORPORATION - Feature Technology

  • Sound System | PA Sound system

  • Intercom

  • Video Conference, Meeting, Board Room AV, Monitor (FGI) Room

  • Nature of project: Exzel Smart Home installed structure wiring for all related cables under our scoope. PA Sound system (Public Announcement) allow operators to make announcement through in-ceiling speakers and surface mounted speakers across 2 floors. Exzel Smart Home also installed total of 4 meeting room AV system with meeting room projector, 6 meeting room AV with TV, 4 video conferencing systems, and 1 Mointor room, also known as FGI room in Korea, or basically an observer room where interviewee or person of interested are listened and mointored behind a One-way mirror.

Line Thailand VIdeo Conference Bangkok

Thailand HQ Smart office LINE corporation

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