Nest Protect

Nest Protect | Wireless Smoke Detectors + Wireless CO Detectors

The wireless smoke alarm that thinks, speaks and alerts your phone. Plus

  • Nest Protect thinks, before it speaks. With friendly human voice, it gives you a early warning. That way you can handle burning toast before it becomes a burning toaster.
  • Nest Protect tells you where the danger is. Plus when one Nest Protect speaks, they all speak. So the alarm in your bedroom can tell you there is smoke in the kitchen.
  • Light your way: In the middle of the night, “Mommy I have to pee.” Nest Protect lights up as your 6 year old kid walks underneath it.
  • Phone alerts: Everyone in your family will know what is going on, from anywhere. When something is wrong, Nest Protect sends everyone an alert in case no one’s home.

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Nest Protect – Wireless Smoke Detector & Wireless CO Detector – Run on Battery.

Wireless Fire Alarm Solutions: Ever run into a situation when only wireless fire alarm system is possible. Best for condo renovation project.

International Standard: Nest Protect is certified under these standards; Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and Canadian Standards Association (CSA)

Built for smart phone: Nest protect compatible with iPhone and android such as Samsung smart phone. Therefore all your family member will be in the loops if something goes wrong.


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