Site Inspection on this 8-year-long luxury house construction

Smart Home Automation for Luxury House Estate
Smart Home Automation for Luxury House Estate

Our Project manager has just been back from site inspection of this luxury 3,000 sqm house located in Bangkok, Thailand. I think we could share something here.

Smart Home Automation System Installation in this Estate located in Bangkok, Thailand

Key facts;

  • The ground breaking ceremony was made back in 2011 (Yest, it is 8 years ago.)
  • Main contractor was changed 2 times
  • Countless project management companies, the shortest life span is 1 week…
  • 3 MEP Contractor companies
  • 2 different teams of cornice and sculpture artist; one of them are specialist artist from department of fine arts.

Despite all the mishaps, mismanagement, or in some case just a nature of residential project where client change plans from time to time, there is only 1 Smart Home Automation company on this project and we have been in this from the beginning since 2011. We sure will push to the conclusion of the project.

Proving point: Companies are made of people and therefore come and go. For 14 years in Thailand, we have seen many new smart home automation companies who have to close out within relatively short life span. It is more and more difficult for new smart home automation company to take over the project from the previous company as the project progress further. Our only advise: Choose your next smart home automation company wisely. Maybe begin with their number of years in business.

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